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Return & Reduce Program

by Nustad Family Ranch 16 Mar 2023

We have an exciting announcement! 

Return & Reduce Program

What does this mean? We are now collecting your used NFR glass to be reused or recycled and accepting lids and pumps for recycling.

While we have been selling re-fills of your favorite products for years, we wanted to do more. We know that glass recycling options are disappearing from many communities, and can often be more difficult than anticipated. 

Clean and good condition glass will be sanitized and prepared for refill here at our facility while glass that does not meet our criteria for reuse will be collected for recycling. When you return your glass to us, you will receive 15% off your next order, as well as doing good for the planet. How cool is that?  


Ready to return your glass? Read on to find out how!


  1. Stash your glass.

Save up a handful of containers before sending them to us. This dramatically reduces the carbon footprint of the return and also lowers the shipping cost per jar.


  1. Clean, sanitize and dry your glass.
  • Wipe any remaining product from your glass container and clean thoroughly with hot water and soap.
  • Sanitize by running through a dishwasher or by placing your container in lukewarm water and bringing to a gentle boil for 5 minutes. Do not drop your container directly into boiling water as it may crack due to thermal shock.
  • Dry your container completely.

  1. Wrap it up!

Once clean, thoroughly wrap your containers so they stay protected during shipment.

We recommend reusing the shipping materials that were sent to you with your original order. If you don't have those packing materials, try to reuse materials from other companies. Shipping mailers (i.e. from Amazon), old bubble wrap, reused cardboard, and other packaging materials are all great options for reuse. 

If your glass breaks during shipment we will do our best to send it to recycling, but for safety reasons, it may need to be discarded completely, so please wrap it up carefully. 

  1. Send it our way.

Ship to: 

Nustad Family Ranch 

225 Crossroads Blvd 

Suite 440 

Carmel Ca 93923

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