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Your Guide to Fall Florals: 2022 Floral Trends

by Nustad Family Ranch 30 Sep 2022
Your Guide to Fall Florals: 2022 Floral Trends

Fall is in the air! The beginning of a new season means new floral trends. Check out a few of our favorite fall trends for 2022 below!

Mixing Darks & Lights
Autumn is mixing it up! Gone are the days of monochromatic summer hues of golds, peaches and blues. Light peach with moody plum and light green, lilac with deep burgundy, bright yellows and whites are making an appearance this year! Not only are your typical fall colors here to stay, but light pastels in contrast with the darker colors, create a stunning arrangement perfect for fall.

Hydrangeas & Sunflowers? Yes, please!
Something we never expected but absolutely love is the combination of hydrangeas and sunflowers! Perfect pairings are: light blue or light green hydrangeas with  yellow sunflowers are the perfect pair in our eyes. For filler,  be sure to focus on neutral grasses with yellow undertones to allow the green and blue to pop. You can make it your own arrangements with any color combo of these two superstar flowers.

Strawflower Dreaming
While these beauties are one of our favorite flowers regardless of season, strawflowers are here to stay this autumn! Ranging in hues of golds to creams, strawflowers make the perfect craft piece for wreaths or centerpieces. Small enough to blend in, or large enough to be their own focal point. 

Boho Accents
Possibly the most popular theme this year is Boho. Boho stems from the dried flower sales that exploded during 2020 and 2021. Practical yes classy and elegant Lots of florists are texture mixing, adding dried goods to their fresh florals. From dried wheat to colored bunny tails and pampas grass, the boho accents add their unique twist to the fall season.

Make the most of your floral decor with this season’s hottest trends! Shop our wide variety of natural, dye-free florals and come up with a unique creation of your own! 

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