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15+ Ways to reduce, re-use and recycle your glass containers!

by Nustad Family Ranch 16 Mar 2023
15+ Ways to reduce, re-use and recycle your glass containers!

15+ Ways to reduce, re-use and recycle your glass containers! 

It happened.

You finally used the last bit of your favorite product (most likely our Goat Milk Lotion)  and you're wondering what to do with the glass jar, (that’s 100% recyclable we might add)!

You could add it to the recycling bin, or better yet send it to us via our Return Program... but have you considered reusing the jar and giving it a 2nd life?

Well, good news! We rounded up 15+ ways to inspire your reuse dreams. Which one will you try next? 

  • Food Storage 

  • Glass jars are excellent for food storage. Here are a few ideas!

  • DIY

    • Many cosmetics jars are perfect for homemade candles, salves, balms or even lotions of your own! They make excellent gifts!


    • Re-use jars for terrariums or plant propagation. Who doesn’t need more plants? 
    • Are you an artist? You can reuse jars as paintbrush containers, or storage for custom pigments. We love Jonna Jinton’s use of natural earth tones. 
    • Make a special keepsake and memory jar.
  • Organization

    • Organize vitamins and supplements.
    • Hold your Cosmetic applicators
    • Collect and store your loose hair ties, clips and pins
    • Laundry detergent, on the go! 
    • Sewing Kit on the go! 
    • Perfect for everyone’s “junk drawer” organization
    • Rubber bands, screws, and bolts
    • Store odds and ends for tidy desk drawers ( staples, erasers ect) .
    • Store craft supplies like glitter, twine, sequins, and beads.
  • Dropper Bottle Reuse

  • Not sure what to do with extra dropper bottles? 

    Tips for reusing your favorite glass jars

    • Make sure to clean your jars thoroughly to prevent contamination 
    • Use a Brillo pad, goo be gone, or wire brush to scrub off the screenprinting on the jar.
    • Get fancy and use a label maker! 


    We get it, reuse isn’t always in the cards. If not, don't stress! Contact us, and send them back to us. We'll happily put 'em back to work!

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