Flower of the Month: April - Ranunculus

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Flower of the Month: April - Ranunculus

Ranunculus have easily become our favorite flower to work with. Classy, colorful and fun, they can easily be combined into any event or make your home that much more spectacular. Ranunculus bloom from late March (early spring) through June (early summer), making them fairly accessible for wedding season, dried or fresh. 

Planting & Growing: 

Ranunculus are cool weather plants, growing in partial sun and shade, and grow best in spring-like conditions, no warmer than 55°F. They do best in zones 8-10, with well drained soil. While most commercial growers use greenhouses to monitor their crop, they can easily be planted and cultivated recreationally in your backyard. 

For the best harvest, plant in beds, 5-8" apart and 2" deep. Monitor your ranunculus with a water gauge for best watering practices. Ranunculus will bloom approximately 90 days after planting. Once flowering begins, you can expect to have flowers for 4 to 6 weeks. Be sure to harvest flowers once you see sigs of color for the best harvest. 

Drying & Design: 

Ranunculus come in every color from cream to pink, making them a perfect statement piece in your house. Our personal favorite this year, have been the bright pink and light cream colors. 

We have found that throughout the drying process, these flowers have been the most true to color. Once dried their color is nearly identical to that of the original flower. 

These flowers are best dried after they are allowed to bloom for 3-7 days. Then, they should be hung in a cool and dry space, away from the sun, in order to keep, and produce, the most vibrant color. 


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