Flower of the Month May: Peonies | Bonus! How to Dry Peonies

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Flower of the Month May: Peonies | Bonus! How to Dry Peonies
Peonies are easily one of those flowers you can never get enough of. The perfect ruffled charm and pastel to bright colors easily compliment any room in your house. Additional, peonies are a classic choice for decor and events such as weddings, or hosting.


Planting & Growing: 

Want to grow these breathtaking flowers for yourself? Although they are not too picky, Peonies are perfect for Zones 7 and 8 (Find your planting zone here,) and grow best in full sun. They grow well in deep, fertile and neutral soil and don't do ver well competing for space with other plants and shrubs. 

Peonies bulbs should be started and planted in the fall, at least 6 weeks before the ground freezes. Buds, or bulbs should be planted in a generous hole 1ft by 1ft and each 3 ft apart. Be patient! Peonies need a few years before they become established and bloom. You may or may not have blooms your first year, however, you can expect blooms spring through summer depending on your zone and type of peony planted. For best flower results, cut stems in early morning when the buds are tight.

Drying & Design: 

We get it, peonies just don't last long enough in a vase. Coming in some of the most classic and beautiful pastels available, they are an easy addition your home, decor or event. 

We have found that throughout the drying process, Peonies typically darken in color. Blush tends to yellow or brown, Bright Pinks typically remain fairly similar, and burgundy tend to darken quite a bit. So keep this in mind when drying and don't be afraid to experiment. 

There are two ways to dry peonies: Vase drying and Hang Drying. 

Vase drying is fairy easy, you simply leave your peonies in vase until dry. Although this is the easiest route, there is a high risk of loss and and darker petals. 

Hang drying takes up more space but typically warrants better results. Ensure that they are hanging in a cool, dry, space as sun and moisture will compromise the color of the flowers. Try and keep them separate while drying as it will prevent molding. 


Not ready to grow quite yet? Be sure to shop our already dried bouquets in our shop for the best blooms year-round! 

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