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Decorating the driveways to personal cottages and in-between Lavender Fields and vineyards are our lovely olive trees. This premium cooking oil features fresh, locally-grown olives that are cold-pressed into a delectably smooth product that boasts its own tasting notes. Use it when roasting vegetables or sautéing meat to wonderfully enhance the flavors of any dish.

In ancient times, olio santo (the "sacred oil" that represented the best of the olive harvest) was reserved for use in religious ceremonies. Today, the term identifies our handmade Olive Oil from Carmel Valley. 

Cold-pressed extra-virgin olive oil from the celebrated Central Valley growing region. 

Full bodied, with a robust early-harvest flavor. 

Wonderful for salads, pastas, grilled foods and dipping.Made in USA.


The Fruit Orchard is a small fruit operation that grows a variety of unique citrus, apricots and figs. These fruits are mainly used in addition with our wine and cheese tastings, but are also open for “you-pick”opportunities varying by season.The Fruit Orchard is roughly 5 acres and is completely organic and GMO free. Our unique citrus varieties have been carefully crossbred to create some of the most unique and rare varieties available. 

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